CollaborationCollaboration solutions encompass all the ways we connect to people, which includes voice and video as well as instant messaging, WebEx and conferencing. Communicating their way– where, when and how they want, without limits, elevating the communication system to a truly unified and integrated solution. With expertise in technology platforms that include voice, messaging, application integration, online collaboration, and video, LyncVerse Technologies provides flexible, scalable solutions that allow you to easily share information, connect with colleagues and transform the customer experience through seamless, unified communications.Components of our collaboration solution include:• IP Communications: IP-PBX call control functionality for VoIP and video telephony, using Cisco Unified Communications Manager.• Voice and Integrated Messaging: Voicemail and integrated messaging using Cisco Unity Connection.• Presence and Instant Messaging: Enterprise-level presence and instant messaging using Cisco Unified Presence or Microsoft Lync.• Mobility and Client Desktop Applications: Mobility capabilities and mobile applications through Cisco’s suite of mobility applications.• Email: Microsoft solutions including Office, active directory, and Windows migration.• Cisco Contact Center: A robust customer-care offering that provides intelligent call routing and extensive contact center agent functions.• Video, Web and Audio Conferencing: Cisco’s web, audio and video conferencing solutions.Contact us to learn more about how our VoIP implementation and hosted collaboration solutions can help your business.

LyncVerse Technologies Data Center and Virtualization solutions help you optimize and automate your IT environment for greater flexibility, scalability and visibility. As the “heart” of your operation, we ensure your data center is robust and ready to perform to your application requirements.

Our depth and breadth of real-world experience in large-scale environments enables us to assess, scope, and complete projects efficiently. The Next Generation Data Centers require sustainable IT infrastructure strategies that can deliver consistent, measurable results, end-to-end visibility, and energy consumption efficiency. Intimate product knowledge coupled with an understanding of core business functions allows LyncVerse Technologies to position innovative and creative solutions to enhance your operations.

Technology Solutions for Business

Technology solutions that change business outcomes are our passion. Our comprehensive set of solutions and services are designed to help IT departments meet today’s business challenges. We couple our expert engineering team with the best technologies in the industry to bring you proven solutions that are designed just for you. We help you remain agile while applying industry-leading best practices to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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